One of the most difficult things about effective search engine optimization for non-Internet savvy individuals to understand is how to write effective text (more commonly called “copy”) for a website. Every piece of copy that you put out on the Internet will be read by search bots from Goggle, Microsoft, Yahoo! and half a dozen others. You need to make sure that your text appeals to those search bots.

If it does not, then you will have a page full of words that are working against you instead of working for you. The goal of good SEO is to make sure that everything you do on or in relation to a website is achieving the goal of maximizing your exposure. Learning to write SEO friendly copy is an essential step in that process.
Why keyword placement matters

Search engine bots are smart. They don’t just take a block of text, count and catalog the words, and then move on to the next block of text. They pay attention to how text is formatted and where certain words appear within the block of text. If a word appears in the first sentence of a block of text, then the bots assume it is important. If that same word appears in the last sentence, then they assume it is even more important. If that same word appears once in every paragraph, then they will KNOW that word is important.

Effective search engine optimization is about knowing how bots think and taking advantage of it. If you plan ahead and keep a list of keywords and key phrases that you know are important to your audience, then you can make sure that those specific keywords appear in the right places in your copy, and that is a huge step towards implementing effective search engine optimization.
Why keyword density matters

Hand-in-hand with keyword placement is keyword density. You want a keyword density of 1-3% in your copy. So if you write a 500 word piece of copy and you have two keywords that you want to spotlight, then each word should appear 3-7 times throughout the course of the article. If you follow rules for placement of those terms that were already discussed in the previous paragraph, then you are pretty much already done with step number two.

For instance, if you plan to write paragraphs that are around 100 words each and you include each keyword once in each paragraph, then you are right in the sweet spot of 2% keyword density for a 500 word piece of copy. And while these percentages are not officially recognized by Google or other major search engines, you can see how they will make you a more effective copywriter by keeping you focused and on topic. They guarantee that your words will work for you and not against you.
Recognizing the need for help

This probably all sounds very complicated. Very few people are comfortable writing copy at a high rate, and if you throw in the need to do keyword research and the need to be highly structured and organized with how you write, then the task of writing copy that follows the rules of SEO may seem like an impossible task for an individual already saddled with the many other responsibilities that go along with running a business and website.

You are probably already thinking about getting some help. The good news is that there are plenty of professionals out there who know all of the tips and tricks necessary to create content that will bring the customers right to you using effective search engine optimization techniques.

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