What is search engine optimization, and why do you need it?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving and streamlining the content and reach of a website to gain a greater “organic” rank in search engine results. An organic rank is a rank that is determined solely by the algorithms of the search engine. It is not a sponsored placement.

If you own a small website, then this is great news. It means that you can achieve a high rank in major search engines through hard work and creativity. You don’t need to

spend a lot of money on ads. Most SEO tactics are relatively simple to implement, but you will require a lot of time to learn how to do them correctly, which is why many people fail without some assistance or professional guidance.

What are the key elements of good SEO?

There are two things that you need to memorize about search engine optimization: content is king and links are currency. Content and links are the two things that most search engines prioritize over everything else when they make their rankings. You need to make sure that you have lots of both of them—but that isn’t as simple as it may sound.

Bad content is worse than no content in SEO.

Amount of content matters, but don’t think you can just copy and paste your way to success. Search engines are smart enough to know whether the words on your site are original or pulled from somewhere else. They can also tell if you are using any nefarious tricks like hiding white-text keywords on a white background.

Remember, the search engines are looking at the code behind your website, not the website that your visitors see! Tricks like hiding keywords, keyword stuffing, and repetitive, unoriginal material are called Black Hat SEO, and they can get you banned from major search engines. Don’t do them!

How to write good SEO content for the web.

So what kind of content do you need? You need original about things that your customers care about. You need content that is full of keywords in good context, and you need content that you can add to regularly.

Search engines are constantly looking at your site. If they see that it only changes once a month, they will stop paying attention, and your rankings will go down. If you update daily, those search engines will learn to come back to your site daily to get the latest update, and your rankings will go up.

Build those SEO links!

The other thing that you need for good SEO is a lot of links. You might think that sounds easy. HTML coding is a breeze to learn, and a link is a simple “

You want a backlink—a link to your site from someone else’s website. And the better the other website ranks in search engines, the more benefit you’ll get. This is where online marketing turns out to be just like real-world marketing. It’s all about connections. You need to network and form partnerships with other similar or complimentary websites and businesses. You need your customers to “like” you in social media. You need to make your virtual marketing web wide and strong.

Need some help with SEO?

Search engine optimization is simple and incredibly complex at the same time. And even if you learn how to do it all, you still need to be able to devote an hour or two per day to adding new content and keeping up with the latest trends. For many business owners, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. Luckily, there are plenty of SEO professionals out there to help you make sure you achieve

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