Online Marketing And Advertising for Law Firms

SEO is crucial in today’s online dominated world. If you want your website to be visible to a wide diversity of people, you need to invest in having your website optimized for solid google ranking.

Considering the complicated structure of law businesses – indeed, law services are not exactly as simple as buying a mobile phone, for instance – SEO has more to do with increasing brand credibility and building trust. It is only from these foundations that a further collaboration with your clients becomes possible.

The key element when it comes to SEO is providing value to your law firm clients. That’s really what Google is all about, and recent updates show it. Unless your website shows your visitors that you’ve got what they need, you’re not going to get any phone calls. You website needs to breathe professionalism through every pore, and that’s what SEO is all about.

We’re going to show you why getting solid SEO services for your lawyer’s website is crucial. We’ll cover everything from generating more traffic to increasing your credibility, and even reaching more clients via mobile markets. Your attorney business can only benefit from solid SEO.

SEO for Lawyers: Improving Your Credibility

A professionally search engine optimized website is designed to inspire confidence and credibility.

By providing your visitors with high quality materials straight from the get-go, you’ll show them that you’re a professional who’s serious about the services you’re going to provide. If you inspire confidence, they’ll continue to engage with your website.

If all goes well, they’ll probably also give you a call and schedule a meeting. And you’ll be that much closer to getting an extra client.

One of the most important ranking factors is click-through rates and visiting times for your law firm website. If your visitors don’t like your content and it only takes seconds for them to leave, beacuse of that the business won’t do well with Google. Sure, you might always get to the top quickly by aggressively targeting a few keywords. But if you don’t really offer more than that, your users will soon leave your webpage, and Google will penalize you.

Attorney SEO and Internet marketing

Look closely at the picture of a company’s site. Everything looks clear and professional, and the overall impression is the law company knows what it’s doing. The logo is solid and inspires reliability, the menu is easy to navigate, address and phone number are clearly accessible, and there’s even a blog for people who want to read something on a particular service.

Everything is designed to inspire professionalism, and that’s what you should aim for, too. Obviously, not every visitor will convert into a client – but chances are much higher than if the website was an unprofessional, picture-filled, advertise-focused website.

SEO For Law Firms: Get Plenty More Traffic

Google traffic is really important when it comes to getting organic visits to your lawyer’s website. And when it comes to search traffic, there’s nothing like being in the top positions.

Survey from Chitika shows the magnitude of the search disparity: ranking on 1st page in first 3 positions for any keyword get almost two thirds of all searches, with the remaining 30% going largely to the remaining top-page entries.

Law Frim SEO Experts - Chitika Chart

Looking at the chart above, it’s obvious how even moving from the 11th to the 10th search position will affect your attorney’s website ranking. While being in the top three search positions might a bit challenging at first – domain age is still a giant SEO ranking factor – any improvement counts, if we’re talking about making it into the top twelve search results. And going up from there is a huge bonus.

Of course, even if you rank low in Google searches the website will still get traffic from social media marketing and other types of online promotion. However, getting Google traffic is great because most people who use Google searches already have a clear buying intent.

Think of it this way: a Facebook user seeing an ad about a law firm near him probably won’t click on it; but a Google user looking for a law firm near her will click on one of the top three results.

That’s why Google traffic and SEO is so much more important – it’s where the real money goes.

Law Firm SEO: Solid Online Marketing

One of the most often overlooked aspects of SEO is how your lawyer’s website presents in a Google search. This is one of the most crucial parts, beacuse search engines show your website in front of clients who are interested in your service or product.

The way your attorney website looks in a Google search is similar to an ad. And you want to have a saying in what your ad looks like, right?

Law Firm web Marketing

The search result above is taken from a top 10 list of the best immigration lawyers in New Jersey. Take a look at how beautifully the title fits the available space, and you can read the description below the website fairly easily. The question at the end is a great way to hook in potential clients.

Yes, we know this is not a law firm. The SEO marketing principles hold, however – a top 10 list result is no different than your lawyer’s website result. If the top 10 list looks great and attracts visitors, why shouldn’t your website do the same?

Internet Marketing

In contrast to the first search result, the second looks unprofessional because the title does not fit the available space, and the text is not as well put together as it was the first time. It looks like the web designers didn’t really give it their best shot – and if they didn’t, why should the clients contact this firm?

Look, this law firm might be the best in New Jersey. The point is, they could really benefit from some SEO marketing improvement, at least when it comes to how their search result looks to customers who are looking for their service.

SEO For Law Firms – Larger Mobile Reach

With Google’s 2014 Pidgeon update, the search wants websites to be relevant locally for all searches. Simply explained: users in your area looking for law services will relevant results rather than global websites.

In other words, you can now beat industry giants, if you focus on improving your website’s local law SEO.

This is crucial, especially if you’re just starting your law business. If you focus on your particular niche and if you do everything necessary to get a solid position in your local searches, you’ll have an advantage over your competition.

However, solid local SEO also means updating your website so that it looks well on mobile platforms. Recent surveys explained how mobile searches are now higher than desktop, which means that users are more likely to come across your law firm via mobile devices.

How well your webpage responds to mobile displays is therefore crucial, as this is an important ranking factor. Neglect it, and you’ll lose on a huge market.

Lawyer SEO: Conclusion on Internet Marketing

Solid SEO is as important to law firms as it’s for all the online businesses. The credibility to how well you reach potential customers relies on your Google ranking.

And with so many people using the internet to find the best law firms in their areas, you can’t afford to neglect your website’s SEO. Getting professional services for your website can make the difference between making a profit and lingering in the bottom search positions where nobody ever looks.