What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing your site and content in order for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to be able to find your website online. Using the correct techniques such as optimizing on-page and off-page can increase your online visibility, drive traffic, and help you expand/grow your business.

According to GOOGLE GUIDELINES, no seo company can guarantee rankings, but if for some reason you’re unhappy with the seo service we provide, our company will refund 1 month of your payment plus 10 percent! Remember to give us the right amount of time and in return we will give you Real Results!

No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a special relationship with Google, or advertise a priority submit to Google.
According to Google Guidelines

Are we a white hat or black hat company?

Purely White Hat! Avoid the companies that guarantee results in weeks or within 1 month! This should be a RED flag to any business owner!

As a business owner we understand that you want to rank within weeks and drive traffic, sales, and leads to your business. But in the SEO world that is unrealistic. If it was realistic, then every business owner would be a millionaire.

As a business owner try to understand that real SEO takes time. It could range from 3-4 months, if not more, and when you give us that time we will give you the results.

How long does it take to rank on Google?

This will depend on many factors such as the competition, the industry, and the customers you are targeting. For instance, a low competitive keyword may take up to 2-4 months to rank, but when you compare it with a high competitive keyword it can take up to a year!

Do I have to have Ongoing SEO Service?

We suggest Yes! Here’s why

With Google changing and frequently updating its algorithm, a wise business decision would be to keep their seo service on a monthly basis

You ask WHY?

When you will reach the first page of Google, your business will begin to see an increase in sales and leads. A wise business decision then would be to invest more in seo services in order to expand and grow your business!

But it’s your decision

As you may know, we are here to help you increase visibility, dominate your ranking and most importantly increase your sales and leads!

How many reports do I receive?

You will receive one report every month. The report will contain improvements, your rankings, our posts, link building, and how we will continue to dominate your rankings!

Why should my business choose SEO Services USA?

We are a Real Team working with Real People and providing Real Results to your business! Why wouldn’t you want to work with us?

In the end, every business has to make their decision and we respect that. We wish all businesses the best of luck!

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