SEO for dentists is one of the most important features of any business and dentistry is no exception.

Yep, we’re talking about SEO.

Every little detail counts towards your website’s Google ranking – from your url address to the picture descriptions. Obviously, your content counts the most – get decent content and great reviews, and you’ll make a great profit. SEO is all about that – and getting search engine marketing service is the surest way to rank high.

You might think the success of your dental practice is all about word of mouth. While this is obviously true – happy patients will recommend you, no doubt about it – a solid, professional online presence will get you a considerable extra income.

If you’ll optimize your website and reach the top positions in Google ranks, you’ll see your business grow considerably, and therefore make that much more money.

Dental Search Engine OptimizationIn this article, we’ll show you exactly why SEO is crucial to the success of your dental practice – from the huge online market share, to the brand-building benefits good SEO will bring.

SEO Market Share

One of the most important reasons why you need a high-ranking website – and a great SEO strategy – is simply because lots of your potential clients will come from the internet.

Think of it this way: according to Forbes, 80 to 90% of all customers check online reviews before making a purchase. This basically means that if you’ve got no webpage at all – or a very poorly ranking one, for that matter – you’re missing out on about 85% of your potential clients.

Pretty rough, right?

That’s why dental SEO is extremely important. Rank high, and, in the long run, you’ll make a gorgeous profit. No doubt about it.

SEO is not a cost

Of course, a good SEO strategy will cost whatever your SEO expert will charge.

However, SEO is not a cost. It’s simply not – its ultimate result (top ranking for the desired keyword) will generate organic traffic to your website, which ultimately translates into more patients. And considering the Forbes statistic above, we’re talking about much more patients than you’d have without a quality website.

You should therefore think of SEO as a business investment – a relatively small amount of money that will generate much more profit in the long run.

Good dental SEO looks professional

Investing in SEO will get you a great-looking website, among other things. What this means is that your dental business will look professional, and you’ll improve your credibility with local patients.

SEO for Dentists - LocallyThe website above is the same one that ranks first for best dentist new york. Notice how every little detail gives an impression of professionalism. That’s what users are expecting – and if you manage to offer something similar for your local clients, you’ll see your dental business growing considerably.

And as you can easily see, it’s really nothing that you can’t do with a bit of research. All you need is a decent template and a bit of basic knowledge about putting a website together; nothing a solid hour on Google won’t get you. 

Mobile traffic is big – SEO is crucial

Now more than ever before, people use Google from their mobile devices. Which means somebody having a bad toothache will pick up their smartphone and Google best dentist la, rather than open their laptop and do the search.

Optimizing your website for mobile devices is a big part of being successful. You can always do this yourself – just take a look at the link we’ve provided – or you can hire professional SEO experts.

Having a mobile-friendly website is extremely important. It will improve your search visibility – Google tends to rank mobile-friendly sites higher, your users will enjoy your content more – and user experience has long been known as one of the top factors weighing in how Google ranks pages, it increases the overall lead generation, and it improves your brand image.

That’s right – you get all these benefits just by using good SEO SEO Marketing for Dentistspractices to create a mobile-friendly website. That’s simply because mobile devices have become a big part of all internet traffic – and you want to cater to the needs of mobile users as much as possible.

Local SEO is huge

Since Google’s 2014 Pigeon update, local search has become that much more important. To put it simply, Google loves local businesses – and it does everything to promote them, even if that means boosting them over already-established industry giants.

A big part of this love for local results is the huge increase in mobile traffic. Since mobile users typically perform searches on the go, Google wants to respond to their needs as relevantly as possible.

Local SEO has a lot to do with your search history and browsing preferences, too. Which means that the more your website – or keywords targeted by your website – becomes visible to local clients, and the more they click on it, the more likely they are to keep on finding it while Googling for local dentists.

That’s why you should invest in a solid SEO strategy – if you’ll win the local market, you’re bound to make a profit.

Bad websites mean bad public image

And it’s not just the case with bad graphics, stupid fonts, or any other type of design error that will turn away potential clients.

A website that’s not optimized for search engines will allow Google to hand-pick the most relevant information for different search results – which will make the end result look like a keywords mess, rather than a professional business website.

Let’s just take a look at a few search results for dentist Albuquerque:

Dental Website SEO and Marketing Online

Obviously, those dentists didn’t just let Google take care of their meta descriptions. They’ve either edited them by themselves – not at all a difficult thing to do, especially if you’re using wordpress – or they’ve hired SEO specialists.

Whatever they did, their websites look great, rank high, and they get clients as a result.

That initial SEO investment to get those links to look as crisp as they do has paid off massively.

Now take a look at the following search result:

Website Search Engine Marketing

What Google page do you think this is from?

If you guessed somewhere around 4, you’re right.

And there’s a clear reason it’s ranking so low: random meta descriptions and overall poor SEO.

Copper Canyon Family Dentistry might be the best dentists in Albuquerque, for all we know. But they’ll never realize their full potential with this weak website.

You don’ want to be like that. Get serious about investing in your SEO and putting your website together – allowing Google to take care of what your website looks like is tantamount to allowing your child to take care of your business card. The result is messy and unprofessional. That’s not what you want, is it?

SEO is linked to social media

Do you use Facebook or Twitter? SEO is a big part of how your website does on social media. That’s mostly the case because how your website looks in shares, likes and recommendations is basically how your SEO specialist has made it to be.

What people share on their walls, in their posts, and in their tweets are linked to SEO parameters like meta tags and descriptions. Again, it’s best to get a SEO specialist to take care of that – it will make your website look good, and therefore attract more clients.

SEO boosts credibility

It’s really one of the basic principles of SEO ranking – the more visible a page is, the more people they respect it.

There’s nothing magic about it – Google has made a name for itself as offering the best user experience, and so there’s no wonder that people have come to trust it.

True, it’s not like Google can’t make mistakes – it sure can, and it does, too. But the main point remains – if people see your website ranking high, they’ll respect it that much more.

And you’ll be that much closer to getting new clients.

But SEO boosting your credibility is much more than just helping you rank high, and impressing people from there.

It’s also got plenty to do with the fact that your website will look great.

We’ve been through this already, but there’s no way to overstress it – the way your website looks has a lot to do with your brand image – and that has a lot to do with how many clients you’re going to get.

Great businesses have great websites – and if you want to be successful, you’ll need a great website, too.

Of course, you can always try to craft the best looking website out there all by yourself – but the results probably won’t be as impressive as having professionals do it for you. Again, looking for SEO pros for help is a great way to get your website looking good and ranking well.

Finally, a big part of a website’s credibility is its content – and the old Bill Gates adage content is king is as true today as it was back in the 90s.

The thing is, many websites have content – but if we’re talking content that gets you good ranking, we’re talking about original, helpful stuff that really helps the user. Not just good content – you need great content.

Because if your users don’t like what they find, they’ll leave your website – and Google will penalize you for that. 

Digital Marketing Importance

If you take a look at the Mead Family Website, you’ll see a beautiful, clear, easy-to-use, user-friendly, professional website. First of all, the colors are easy on the eye – and light blue is always a good choice to convey professionalism.

Secondly, the way the contact details, the location info, and the article are placed makes the website extremely easy to navigate without clicking around like crazy. People who’ve come to get the contact details will get the contact details, people who don’t know the location can easily find it, and those who’d love to read a bit on heart disease can do so without any annoying extra clicks.

Everything is right there before the user’s eye, but without overcrowding the page – which means that this website’s chances of ranking high are… well, pretty high.

And the most important fact is this: this website looks the way it looks also because the content is great. No keyword-stuffed spinning, no poorly-worded, grammatically-suffering sloppy sentences. The article runs smoothly, keeps the users engaged, and offers useful, real information.

In other words, visitors will stay, and they’ll likely be impressed.

Which means high chances of them turning into clients.

That’s what you want to get with your website, too. That’s why you need great content combined with a beautiful page.


Your dental practice might do well – but it’s not doing perfect until you’ve got a well-ranking website.

And that means SEO.

A good website will get you tons of clients – remember, up to 90% of people look at online reviews before spending cash, improve your brand image, increase your credibility and reach a huge number of people via mobile devices and social media.

To get that, you need good SEO – a user-friendly website, keyword targeting, and great, relevant content.

And the quickest way to get there is to hire SEO professionals – there’s no shortcut here.

Remember, spending money on SEO is not a cost – it’s an investment.

And for your dental practice, it’s probably the most important investment you’ll ever make.