Tom Varen17 Jan, 20170

4 SEO Mistakes your Business shouldn’t be making

It is erroneous to avoid the usage of proven SEO techniques. You might never get far with your quest for SEO dominance. However, using obsolete SEO techniques is an even greater mistake. They

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Tom Varen9 Jan, 20170

Businesses have to get the basics right to derive the best results from local SEO

With rapid increase in mobile searches, more and more searchers are showing interest in local business.  As Google is very sensitive to user behavior and choices, it has lost no time in making

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Tom Varen5 Jan, 20170

How can a Small Business Compete with Giants in the Competitive World of SEO?

Search engine optimization helps businesses rank high in SERPs. This is the desire of every business, big or small, because research shows that most people only consider what is in the first page

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Tom Varen29 Dec, 20160

Web Design Trends that You Need to Embrace for 2016 and 2017

Web development has changed significantly since the 90s. Today, you don’t design a website for a desktop computer but for a range of devices among them smartphones and myriad smart devices. Recently, responsive

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Tom Varen26 Dec, 20160

Insights to Growth Hacking For Marketers

The main exploration by marketers today is growth hacking as opposed to start up where the hacking originates. The article will seek to explain how growth hacking techniques are used today to ensure

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Tom Varen22 Dec, 20160

6 Important White Hat SEO Strategies Website Design Components for a Dental Beauty Website

With every business shifting shops online, dentists and other providers of health and beauty services have had to follow suit. As a dentist offering restorative and cosmetic dentistry services, you need to have

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