Tom Varen6 Feb, 20170

Why was Trump’s Triumph a Surprise for Everyone on Social Media?

Why do you think social media and the nation’s newsrooms were shell-shocked after the 2016 election results? It was possibly because every poll from every corner of the world said that Hillary was

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Tom Varen26 Jan, 20170

The Points That Heavily Weigh in Favor of Small Business When Implementing SEO

The beauty of SEO is its scalability and customization options. SEO can be made use of by all kinds of business organizations regardless of its size. It is especially helpful for small business

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Tom Varen23 Jan, 20170

The 6 Best SEO Plug-ins for WordPress that You Need for Higher Rankings

WordPress is the most favored content management system or CMS platform when it comes to blogging. The top 100 blogs of the world rely on SEO plug-ins, engineered especially for WordPress, to get

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Tom Varen19 Jan, 20170

Will Google Penguin Continue Penalizing Websites for Bad Links?

This is going to be an interesting observation and understanding both for the webmasters and link builders. The real time Google Penguin update, released and announced recently on 23rd September, is quite interesting. In

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Tom Varen17 Jan, 20170

4 SEO Mistakes your Business shouldn’t be making

It is erroneous to avoid the usage of proven SEO techniques. You might never get far with your quest for SEO dominance. However, using obsolete SEO techniques is an even greater mistake. They

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Tom Varen9 Jan, 20170

Businesses have to get the basics right to derive the best results from local SEO

With rapid increase in mobile searches, more and more searchers are showing interest in local business.  As Google is very sensitive to user behavior and choices, it has lost no time in making

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