Tom Varen6 Mar, 20170

Be armed with SEO tools to give more teeth to SEO campaigns

Websites are meaningless if it cannot drive traffic to it. It also is the reason why SEO has to be implemented so that business can reach out meaningfully to the largest section of

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Tom Varen2 Mar, 20170

How to create an emotional connection between clients and your brand

Have you ever wondered how some businesses tend to have more customers despite the stiff competition others are facing? This is due to their ability of involving the emotions of their target customers

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Tom Varen27 Feb, 20170

14 Tips for choosing the best SEO-friendly Joomla Templates

The online market is offering various opportunities for the business people as numerous folks prefer shopping online. However, that begins with setting up a website to host your products and services. One of

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Tom Varen24 Feb, 20170

3-Step Approach to Creating Effective Content Ideas Using Screaming Frog

Content marketing is the most important strategy of search engine and social medial marketing lately. However, success is not so easy for the online marketers to attain. The key to success in this

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Tom Varen20 Feb, 20170

Effective Strategies for SEO Link Building

Link building refers to actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage with the goal of increasing the search engine rankings of the targeted site. Every SEO

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Tom Varen16 Feb, 20170

Google’s Search Director Matt Cutts Officially Leaves for USDS

As one of the Google’s most prominent faces, Matt Cutts confirms his departure from Google at the close of 2016, after taking leave for two years.


Matt Cutts was until 31st December 2016, Google’s

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