Tom Varen28 Apr, 20170

3 Unique Strategies Every SEO Expert Should Prioritize in 2017

Every new day brings new challenges in an online marketer’s line of work. Even as these new challenges emerge, there is no denying that the only way to achieve your internet marketing objectives

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Tom Varen3 Apr, 20170

PPC and SEO: the battle of the SEM kings for higher search result ranks

Should I revisit my SEO strategies? Should I get started on PPC? Is PPC enough for my business? These are a few questions you keep asking yourself and the marketing experts over and

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Tom Varen30 Mar, 20170

Pay per Click vs. SEO: what is best for your website?

Pay per click and SEO can be seen as the two sides of a coin. Each of them help in boosting website traffic in their own way. The only major difference between PPC

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Tom Varen27 Mar, 20170

How to perform a content audit for SEO in 2017

What is one way to know for sure that Google will like your website content? Why, to run a content audit, of course! There have been times; we have run around from door

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Tom Varen24 Mar, 20170

How to measure your SEO success

We keep saying, “Websites with successful SEO strategies make lots of money” or “successful SEO strategies are the key to high ROI”. However, we never really say what is the exact measure of

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Tom Varen21 Mar, 20170

Some Advanced Info on Technical SEO for Digital Marketing Experts

SEO efforts are often divided in two categories, namely on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page deals with the content and page optimization, whereas off-page is concerned with establishing site-to-site relations. Many believe that

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