If you are running an online business or you are looking for ways to boost the visibility of your brand on the internet platform, it is crucial to appreciate the role of search engine optimization (SEO).  Previously all an entrepreneur needed was a good looking website to tap into the customer-rich online market. With Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, things are now tougher and you have to work harder to ensure your website is ranking highly on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Why Invest in SEO?

There are many reasons to invest in professional SEO services including better conversion, adherence to Google Webmaster Guidelines, more traffic, better user experience and more brand authority.  A survey published by the Search Engine Journal revealed that over 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. If your website is not showing on SERPs for your target keywords, then you simply don’t exist.

Many startups are beating highly established brands and it all has to do with proper search engine optimization. The fact that 75% of internet users don’t search beyond the first page of SERPs is a should be enough motivation for you to enlist the services of an SEO specialist for your website.

Advantages of Outsourcing SEO Services

The big question then becomes whether to outsource your SEO or hire an in-house team. Well, outsourcing an SEO expert comes with myriad benefits including:

  • More objectivity in web audit and monitoring
  • Cost savings for your business operations
  • Dedicated SEO 24/7 leading to better outcomes
  • More effectiveness for the SEO campaign by leveraging the latest tools
  • Better utilization of manpower in your office
  • More site traffic and conversion

Considerations when Outsourcing SEO Services

There is no denying that the right choice of an external SEO consultant will boost your business. However, remember that there are many SEO scams out there and in effect, you could be importing bad SEO practices into your business. To avoid search engine penalties, including website devaluation or suspension, it is crucial to consider the following when hiring an external SEO consultant:

  1. Proof of the pudding– If an SEO consultant is really serious about their trade, they must have a highly ranking website. Their website should be the yardstick that you use to label a website great. Look at how easy it is to navigate and the overall user experience.
  2. Look for references – If an SEO service has no references, then you better keep looking. Most SEO scams come along with lofty promises yet they are not willing to prove how effective their services are. It is important to follow up on any references given and talk to the site owners to evaluate the type of services you are going to get from this prospective SEO consultant.
  3. Experience and track record – To ensure you are working with a reputable SEO provider, look into their background and check how long they have been in existence. A good SEO provider will proudly display such information on their website for everyone to see. Read online reviews and testimonials to make sure you are working with an expert. It is always advisable to work with an expert who has been in the business for some time for better-quality services.
  4. Never fall for lofty guarantees – Of course every website owner wants high ranking for their website and this is what many SEO quacks use to lure unsuspecting victims. They give irresistible promises to trap you and in the process, you end up buying black hat SEO services. If someone promises you an overnight boost in SERPs ranking, you better run and never look back. This is always the first ruse in an SEO scam.
  5. Don’t be fooled by the low pricing – In SEO, you get what you pay for and there are no two ways about this. It is important to remember that low pricing could be another way for unscrupulous SEOs to lure you. While everyone is looking or affordable SEO, make sure you confirm the reputation of the company offering these services. If a deal looks too good, you better walk away. Always compare pricing of SEO services in your area and work with a consultant whose services are clearly priced.

It is advisable to look for a full-service SEO service that offers a long-term strategy for your website. Avoid any quick-fix SEO solutions because they always come up with a sting on the tail. When outsourcing SEO services, look for a reliable, reputable and experienced SEO company.

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