SEO is a consistently evolving and growing industry. In 2016, it was estimated that companies spent 65 billion USD for SEO services and it should cross 70 billion USD by the end of 2018. The most difficult thing in the world of SEO is predicting what is coming next because search engines change their algorithms and optimization rules without any prior notice. However, if you are working as an SEO expert then you can’t just wait and react when changes are made to the algorithm and your clients get angry as they lose their rank on SERP. You must be proactive and try to guess where the path to the future leads. So, in that bold spirit, I would like to make 3 predictions about the future of the SEO industry.

User Experience Will Play a Crucial Role: Earlier, SEO was more about technical prowess. Coding, keyword research, link building and internal linking were the key factors of SEO, but not anymore. While you still need keywords and links, Google is now more interested to learn if your website is keeping the customers happy. Are people hooked to your content? Do they consider you as an authority in the industry? Are you answering their query? Do people visit your website regularly and browse it for a long time? Good user experience is your trump card in the SEO battle. You should use tools like Google Analytics and Search Console to learn what users are doing on your site and try to develop engaging content.

AMP Is the Shortcut for Top Ranking: Google is in the process of creating two indexes- one for mobile and one for desktop. The important thing is mobile is becoming the primary index. Thus, we have witnessed the growth of responsive websites but users are not just satisfied with the pages that fit all screen sizes. They want exclusive web pages for mobiles that load super quick. Thus, Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP was born. Google says AMP is not a ranking factor yet, but if you search Google using your cell phone, then the top ranking website links for any keyword search will be AMP results. So, it is time to start building AMP web pages to be ready for the future.

Artificial Intelligence Will Run Search: When Google announced RankBrain in 2016 the SEO experts simply got bewildered. We still have no idea about the way RankBrain works behind the curtain but Google confirmed that it is one of the three top ranking signals. RankBrain is a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence and it is not alone. Other search engines are developing AI as well. AI is making search “personal” and forcing the marketers to concentrate on the smaller groups of the society. AI is killing black hat SEO as it understands what the user truly wants. It is not dependent on exact match keywords to answer your queries.

So, these are my predictions about search engine optimization industry. What do you think? What are the strategies you are adopting to be ready for the future? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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