Should I revisit my SEO strategies? Should I get started on PPC? Is PPC enough for my business? These are a few questions you keep asking yourself and the marketing experts over and over again. The reality is, these are two aspects of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) that are inseparable. Not only do they overlap quite a bit, they also complement each other from a marketing POV.

As a result, when someone asks us, “Should we go for PPC or SEO?” we cannot give them a one-word answer. The answer will depend on their needs, demands, budgets and niche. You should also priorities your company goals before you approach a SEO company with a similar inquiry.

However, if you are the crossroads right now, trying to figure out where to invest your last buck, let us help you out. Here are the main differences between SEO and PPC you need to know to figure out your best option:

  1. How is organic SEO better than PPC?

Organic traffic is what you get from SEO tactics. You can optimize your keywords, add SEO friendly elements to your website codes and submit updated sitemaps to search engine spiders. This means, when a user is looking for relevant search terms on Google or Yahoo search, your website will rank higher on the SRL. SEO brings you traffic leads that generate high conversion rates.

Many users have developed a habit to avoid paid results and sponsored ads. This is a form of subconscious training most people have adopted over the last couple of years. Therefore, the traffic brought in by sponsored ads does not yield as many credible traffic leads. The conversion rate is pretty low for PPC although the CTR is considerably high.

However, if you are under the impression that SEO is completely free, you are definitely wrong. SEO comes at a cost and this can be in the form of ideation, hiring new SEO Companies, and new SEO campaigns.

  1. Is PPC to be avoided completely?

PPC may not give you as many genuine traffic leads as SEO, but PPC has certain advantages that SEO can never provide.

  • It is very difficult to rank for high volume keywords even if you have the best SEO campaigns in place. You can easily rely on PPC for better results since you will be paying for website traffic. You will also get results for fast testing website variables to generate data.
  • SEO algorithm updates will not be a headache anymore. Your PPC Company will take care of your website compatibility. Since you are also paying for traffic, you can be sure of a steady flow of visitors.
  • Efficient ad campaigns can also become an integral part of your PPC. This is quite an interesting as well as efficient way to reach out to audiences from multiple countries. Your campaign should be able to specify which regions see your company/website ads. From micro-geographic locations, to multiple countries, anyone can become your audience. You can specify your audience even according to the time of the day.

These are the two prime benefits of working with PPC campaigns. SEO is definitely the more trending option for the DIY crowd right now. However, PPC is the smarter and quicker option that most marketers are opting for right now.

What we think –

PPC is like caffeine to your business. If you want a kick-start, PPC is what you need. If you want your business to grow slowly but steadily, you need SEO. SEO takes some time and every webmaster is aware of that fact. SEO makes sure your website is noticed by all search engines including the best ones like Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO may seem like the cheaper option, but it is a continuous and long process. This means, you may end up paying more for your SEO plans in the long run.

On the other hand, although PPC seems like the costlier option, you can make the most out of if by using Google Adwords and adding PPC to your Google Analytics account. Use Traffic Estimator from Google External Keyword Research Tool to find out your best keyword phrase choices.

Both the processes are very transparent. Although you may hear people say that SEO and PPC outcomes cannot be quantified. Know that almost all your ROI is measurable. You can use multiple tools including Google Analytics to find out how much you are benefiting from your SEM investments. SEO brings better, qualified leads that directly helps your PPC results as well.

That’s right! We do not think there is a way to tell which process trumps the other. Both of them approach website traffic and SEM in different ways. For the best outcomes, most websites merge the two tactics.

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