It is really very hard to explain why still a significant number of businesses do not leverage the immense powers of content marketing despite including it in their SEO plans. There are numerous live examples all around us to prove how investing in content marketing can result in high business returns and even generate tremendous saving. However, it is ironical that only about 30% businesses are able to reap the benefits of content marketing from the crowd of 88% SEO marketers that make use of it.   Despite the fact that businesses do allocate budgets for content marketing it is often just not enough to sustain a meaningful campaign that can give results. This is a challenge that online marketers have to overcome so that adequate funds are invested in the most promising aspect of SEO marketing. How business owners can be convinced to invest more in content marketing has been discussed in this article.

Educating business owners

The problem is particularly evident for businesses that are ill equipped to produce engaging content that can result in effective campaigns. Moreover, the return from content marketing is not always readily apparent and this becomes a bottle neck when convincing business owners about its powers and effectiveness to boost business. There is yet a third factor that goes against the advocates of content marketing – they face a hard time to convince business owners who have little understanding about the subject.  Most business owners have scanty knowledge about content marketing as compared to the SEO professional. Therefore, the primary task of any SEO company is to educate business owners about the various channels that comprise content marketing. How and why blogs, videos are so essential for giving a cutting edge to the marketing activities has to be established to them. In today’s context, content marketing is something that business owners can ill afford to stay ignorant about.

Pitching for content marketing

Once the ground has been prepared it is time to present some raw data in support of content marketing to prove its effectiveness. The data can be gathered from other businesses that have found success with content marketing and can be used as unique selling point. This would pave the way for convincing business owners about re-focusing on their business goals that can be realized through effective SEO methods based on content marketing. The tone and tenor of presentation should be filled with conviction that can generate enough confidence about how rewarding the campaign can be.

Data will speak

Instead of spending time in talking about lofty goals, number crunching is an easy way to gain the confidence of business owners. This applies for all sizes of investment that is being talked about. Therefore, meticulous data assimilation and its proper presentation is an important task for online marketers to win points in favor of content marketing. Consider drawing the data from some of the metrics that have been mentioned below.

  • Gather data that reflects how content has helped to drive more traffic and thereby resulted in increased leads that can augment sales.
  • Data about viewers spending more time on websites indicates better viewer engagement that is necessary to give impetus to marketing.
  • Identify revenues that can be linked to e mail campaigns from where it has originated.

The metrics of content marketing would support your claim about the effectiveness of content based marketing that is capable of giving the desired business results. Data can be gathered from campaigns that the company has undertaken and also be obtained from case studies, industry benchmark reports and research.

Link it with company goals

For business owners, business goals are like guiding lights and it is the responsibility of SEO companies to build a case for content marketing by aligning the data with the business goals. This would be more meaningful to business owners who would thus be able to relate the benefits of content marketing in terms of tangible business gains that makes sense to them.  The data can be used to demonstrate how brand visibility is increased along with brand awareness. Data would also capture the savings generated in acquiring customers and how there has been marked improvement in customer satisfaction. Increase in leads that results in increased sales will also be visible from the accumulated data. Alongside data accumulation, conduct research to support your claim that the strategy and tactics are well aligned with the company goals.

In order to win over business owners, it is not just enough to convince them about what content marketing can do for them.  You should be prepared to have a complete vision for driving the business towards some expected results. This has to be backed by a firm plan that would tilt the scales in favor of pumping more money into content marketing. And this is the coveted trophy that you have been aiming for.

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