Content marketing is the most important strategy of search engine and social medial marketing lately. However, success is not so easy for the online marketers to attain. The key to success in this slippery platform is to keep the content ideas relevant, fresh, up-to-date, and most attractive.

Here, we are putting forth a humble effort to make you understand how certain SEO tools can effectively mix with creativity to help marketers identify more content ideas as per the demand of the audience. Screaming Frog is one such tool that can make your life easier, and give your content ideas a massive boost.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog or SF is not an expensive tool (costs just about $150 per year). There are plenty of tutorials available. Therefore, you can get acquainted with the tool real fast. There is a simple downloading and setup process after which you are ready to get on to the work. The other essentials to have are:

  • Google AdWords Account – This is an essential for all the marketers. If you don’t already have one, you can create an account easily to use the free tools.
  • Google Drive or MS Excel: You need to work with some data outside Screaming Frog also, so keep any one of these handy.

Getting the concepts

The fresh content you are planning to create should be based on the topics that your potential customers talk about. You can use search data and dig into real-time discussions on social media. However, finding out the exact data on social conversations is never that easy and quick. Here is an effective 3-step approach to do this, and it takes about 30 minutes to complete this process.

Step I: Identifying targets

Identify the platforms where your target audience is indulged in discussions. You can use tools like Google’s Display Planner to make this easier. Google searches can also be highly helpful in this.

You can start with Google’s Display Planner by searching for the keywords that are related to your SEO Company, field of business, website, and the topics that are of interest to your audience. You can choose the top results to see information associated with it including the demographics and the other major topics. You also have the option to refine the search results more by using custom filters.

Step II –Screaming Frog set up

You can open the website URL on the browser. When you are on the website, you will first need to check where the discussion is happening. You can look for message boards, forums, blog comments and any such place where user interaction may work. There is a Custom Extraction feature in SF will allow you to grab specific area of the text. If there are multiple titles of threads on the same URL, they need, you will need to grab them as well. To grab the Xpath code:

  1. Navigate to the URL containing the content that you are planning to capture
  2. Right-click on text and choose ‘inspect element’

Ensure that it is made 99.9% good to go. Also reduce the speed to avoid anything negatively impacting the website. You should also reduce the number of threads and the URIs, which can be crawled.

Step III – Ideas for analyzing data

Once the goal is reached in terms of run-time and URIs crawled, you can stop the crawl and start with the data analysis. There are various methods to adopt this, and once you have acquired clean data that is free of any odd spaces, you can copy and paste it to a plain text editor. You can use Tag crowd to paste this data, and use the settings like minimum word occurrence and similar word grouping to avoid clutter.

The real catch of this process is its usage of affordable and simple tools to gain and utilize information efficiently. It is affordable to small and mid-size businesses. However, what information is gathered, and how it can be analyzed can vary largely, which needs a certain degree of expertise to practice it successfully for your best benefits.

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