Link building refers to actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage with the goal of increasing the search engine rankings of the targeted site. Every SEO technique aims at directing quality traffic to one’s site. Using effective link building strategies can help improve your rankings in several ways. These strategies vary from one to the other depending on targeted outcomes.

Submission-Based Strategies 

  • Webcam directories

Setting up a webcam can enable you to get high-quality links such as the PR6 directory. For best results, you need to set it up in a strategic place that would attract links on its own.

  • Web app Directories

If you have an online application, you can get links from it. Take advantage of your apps to generate quality links for yourself.

  • Theme directories

Designing WordPress themes or website templates can be a great way toget a few more links from directories. You can as well host the download page on your site and if it’s decent, you will get a few links from design blogs.

If it is a WordPress theme, you can submit to the theme directory, which will get a couple of high-quality no-follow links.

  • Press Release submission

By submitting a press release to distribution sites, you can build quality links. Simply add one or two links to the press release and you will stand chances of getting links back. For better results, use one link only and making sure the anchor text of that link is the URL or the domain.

  • Multimedia Submission

If you have any PDFs,word documents or power point presentations, you can submit them to various sites and get a link in return.You have to put the links in your documents, for instance in the first slide of a PowerPoint.

Content-Based Strategies

You can use your content to get more links. All you have to do is ensure that content is of high quality. Under this category,the following can help you in link building:

  • Testimonial writing

This one is big. Just list any products or services you have bought recently. Providedit is not from a massive company, there are good chances you will get a link in exchange for a testimonial. This strategy is most used by a renownedSEO company.

  • Trade Articles

It works in a similar way to guest blogging. You can get content on each other’s site, links, and visitors from an entirely different community. The more popular blog can always do something to enhance the performance of the other blog. A good example is purchasing the other 10-15 pounds worth of Stumble upon paid traffic. It doesn’t necessarily have to be huge, but it’s the same as the playing field as you will find very few blogs with the same audience size.

  • Images and Cinemagraphy

The use of images for links is not common despite its significance in getting links. All you have to do is find relevant images to your content. Using images will get you an attribution link in return. Simply look for a camera whenever you’re at an industry event. You can take 100 pictures SXSW of all different speakers and publish them on a certain portion of your site. You can also create quote graphics, whichare pretty pictures quotes. Generate many images and you can set up a section of your site as a media gallery. Then do some image SEO to get them ranking for some different image search queries,put them where people can ‘steal’ and place them on their own sites. At this point, you can ask them to include an attribution link.

  • Get your own column

Avoid looking for one-off guest blogging opportunities the entire time. Instead, look for opportunities that could give you regular contributions to a single blog or your own column. You can get many natural high-quality links in a month. If the blog has a big audience, you will have a lot of traffic from those links.

  • Educational content

You can create content targeted at colleges or any other institutions of learning in order to get more links. Simply write, for instance, an entire tutorial on what can interest college webmasters. For effective outcomes, use a bottom up approach to enable you create content on topics that can give you links.

Link Attraction

Sometimes, you have to let your content attract links naturally. You can easily achieve this using several techniques.

  • Web tools

Creating free online tools likecalculators is another good way of attracting links. They don’t have to be complicated; just create simple tools. If it saves someone’s time using it, he will most likely share it with another person, hence more links in return.

  • Timely content

Creating the correct required content at the right time can give you a lot of attention, consequently giving you more links.

  • Stories

This involves a two-step process that attracts links with surveys. The first step is to ask people to participate.If it isconcerning a certain interesting topic, reach out to experts,bloggers, and industry news sites and request them to spread the word both on their blog and social media sites. It is indeed a good way to attract links.The second step is releasing the results. Just combine the release with some nice visualization and you will have a good piece of link bait.

  • Research papers

Getting deep into a subject is a great way to establish yourself in an industry. It is a great way to attract a few more links and if you decide to make any more major discoveries,you would get at least a few citations from scholarly and new websites.

Truly creative endeavors like link building for SEO prove very necessary for success of modern SEO. It is an easier way of increasing traffic in one’s website and in the process adding value to the website along side its users.

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