SEO allows you to rank high in SERPs. There is a growing trend towards local SEO. This is because of the many benefits this presents. These include:

  1. Increased reach: Research shows that 64% of local customers use online directories and search engines to find local businesses, while only 28% of people still use old papers and the Yellow Pages (and other directories) for local information. Local SEO allows you to reach these people.
  1. Highly targeted traffic: Local SEO gives you highly targeted traffic since it is people in your locality, and who know exactly what you stand for and where you are located that will visit you.
  1. Great ROI: You save money since you do not have to waste your SEO efforts on people who are unlikely to buy from you.
  1. Highest conversion rates: Another reason why you need dental SEO marketing for your clinic office is that local directory marketing has higher conversion rates, up to 50% on some of the major directories.
  1. Targeting mobile users: The number of Americans accessing the internet through mobile devices recently surpassed those that use desktop searches. Mobile users use location-based apps to find businesses. Local SEO targets both PC and mobile users, meaning you will not miss out on these customers.
  1. Only a few businesses have claimed their Google Places local listings: Studies show that only 10% of businesses have taken advantage of local listings. This means you will have an edge over your competitors.
  1. Most local SEO opportunities are free: The best local SEO tactics such as listing in Google maps (Google Places), as well as on Bing and Yahoo are free of charge.
  1. Local consumers trust online reviews: An important component of local SEO is reviews and ratings. Studies show that 70% of local consumers trust online reviews. Take advantage of this not only to get clients, but also to build trust and credibility and to build you brand.

SEO Tactics to Use alongside Local SEO

  • Link building
  • XML Sitemap creation
  • Content creation
  • Guest blogging
  • Press release submission

SEO Tactics to Avoid at All Cost

  • Use of duplicate content (with or without permission) and use of a mirror site
  • Spam blogs (Splogs) where you use software to generate keyword-optimized text just for clicks
  • Comment spamming (including links in the comments)
  • Trackback spamming (abusing trackbacks with links to unrelated blogs)
  • Spam ping (PIngback Spam) notifying ping server that new content is generated several times a minute to deceive it that the content is new
  • Referrer spam (advertising a site by making several requests using a referrer URL to target sites that publicize referrer stats
  • Use of unrelated/irrelevant keywords in the copy for more hits
  • Keyword stuffing and stacking (repeating keywords in the text or image alt text)
  • Use of hidden text, tiny text, and hidden links
  • Cloaking (presenting search engines with one set of content, and visitors with another)
  • Use of doorway and gateway pages (stuffing pages with keywords to get high ranking and then redirecting visitors)
  • Page swapping or bait-and-switch (getting a web page ranked and indexed and then changing it)
  • Link farming (use of unrelated, low quality links to improve visibility)
  • Cybersquatting (domain squatting), which is the registration of a domain name with a trademarked word in its name to benefit from the association

Even as you go for a high ranking, avoid the common temptation of using Black and Grey Hat SEO tactics to get quick results. This is because they could lead to serious penalties by Google and other search engines, including reduction in ranking and the banning/de-indexing of your site.

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