The main exploration by marketers today is growth hacking as opposed to start up where the hacking originates. The article will seek to explain how growth hacking techniques are used today to ensure that they support conversion optimization for traditional business that seeks to enlist the technique for business growth.

Essentially, growth hacking is one of the terms most common in startups and marketing. Some people see this technique as a revolutionary manner to accelerating startup in terms of growth and others view it as a stylish word in the world of marketing. It is necessary to have a checklist to go through during your growth hacking process as a marketer. Here are some of the checks to make. According to Neil Patel who is a professional in growth marketing, here is where marketers use this technique differently for the purposes of business growth.

“Growth hackers, using their knowledge of product and distribution, find ingenious, technology-based avenues for growth that sometimes push the bounds of what is expected or advised.” Fundamentally, this is how this guru summarizes the use of growth hacking for the process of marketing as an impetus for business growth. He mentions that like in any other technical trade, there is need to have a checklist, the checklist below gives what he considers imperative for growth hacking marketers.

  • Define your Actionable Goals

Initially, it is necessary to know what actionable goals you have concerning marketing. You begin from a wide scope and narrow the scope in order to meet your goals. As a marketer, a growth hacker may have a wide scope that may prove unattainable or meaningless. It is necessary to break these down to some small tasks that are achievable.

For instance, in case you need to increase the daily content users, then this will be too broad a scope for you to manage as a growth hacking marketer. However, if you choose to increase the content in your website, you will retain the daily content users and at the same time increase the said users. This narrows the scope of your goal as a marketer. It is imperative that you think of your goals in terms of hierarchies and once you reach each individual tasks, then you are assured of having narrowed the goals in the growth hacking marketing strategy.

  • Use Analytics in Order to Track Goals

In case you have decided to increase you content creation by two times, it is imperative to know whether you can attain this goal using digital growth hacking techniques as a marketer. Fundamentally, without analytics, your goals for growth are empty as a marketer. You need to know who is interested in the type of product or service that you sell and whether they look into your site to find these products or services. If you are not in a position to say definitively that you have reached your goal, and then you are yet to complete what is required of a growth hacking marketer. Additionally, there is data that you gain that can help you know in what way to change your goals in order to move ahead. Your analytics provide a reflexive equilibrium, and when well informed they help refine, inform, and shape your goals. Analytics help reshape goals once you track the progress in your project as a growth hacking marketer.

  • Take Advantage of Your Main Existing Strengths

The greater your advantage as a marketer, the more you need it for growth hacking. There are assets and strengths that one can use as a growth hacking marketer. Whenever you have found something that requires little strength but produces great results, then you have leverage as a growth hacking marketer.

For instance, you may have a large emailing list that you can send highlights on your new products or services using the “what’s new” title. Ensure that your clients are aware of all the details they need regarding the new information that is provided, this way, you know that you have planned based on your strength and the knowledge your clients have on you and your products services. It is this knowledge that they will use to want to know what is new about the products or services that they have been purchasing from you.

  • Execute an Experiment

Ensure that that you draw a hypothesis of expectations as a growth hacking marketer. For example, you need to know if the email list on “what’s New” will provide the results that you expect. Additionally, how do you think this will increase the content creation in the new month?  It is not feasible to just send out emails and wait for the outcome. Expectations will help you refine your goals in case they are not met.

It is imperative to note that you should not underestimate the resources you are going to need as a marketer for the first undertaking. In addition, do not get discouraged by the first results to the experiment. Learn from the success you get from the experiment as well as the failures and move to the next procedure.

Optimize the Experiment

Experiments once completed should be optimized. Experiments should not be something you do once as a marketer and move on. Learn from them and ensure that you have the strong points as well as the weak points in the growth hacking marketer experience. Ensure that you redo the experiments in order to learn a lot more from them and only give up when you find that there are no positive results after a series of reruns.

Ensure you have a control group that gives you the definitive results that you actually require. In an example, if you send out emails about “what’s new” to 80% of your clients, ensure you have a control group in the experiment to give you actual realistic results that you will always expect when the experiment is complete.

In conclusion, once the above process or checklist is done, ensure that you repeat in order to ensure that the growth hacking for marketers is a reality that can be utilized for the growth of your business. It will be advantageous to your next move in marketing using growth hacking techniques.

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