With every business shifting shops online, dentists and other providers of health and beauty services have had to follow suit. As a dentist offering restorative and cosmetic dentistry services, you need to have the best website to find your target clients.

Unfortunately, just having a website isn’t everything. You need to have the right website specifications set up for your business to run efficiently online. Most of these technical specifications are essential for your shop’s marketability and you must therefore hire the right person to design the website.

For your website and your dentistry practice to grow online, it must be optimized. What is SEO, you ask?


You’ve probably heard of SEO once or twice, but you have little knowledge about what it is and how it will help you. For starters, SEO, or search engine optimization refers to the aspect of web design that makes your website or web pages visible on search engine result pages.

Research and statistics show that most readers don’t look past the first page of search engine result pages and some do not surpass half the links.It is therefore important for your website to be optimized in terms of locations and specificity of words describing your practice for your website to appear top among the search engine results.

The following are the main SEO strategies for your website:

  1. Local SEO

However distinct your services are worldwide, you will have a specific location in mind that you will want to service. To reach clients within your locality, your website should be optimized with exact, non-repetitive, and concise information about your dental beauty clinic’s location. Inclusion of the operational hours and directions to your practice will also help in increasing your ranking on search engine result pages.

  1. Use of appropriate or specific keywords

If you Google SEO for dental websites, one common denominating word you will see is use of keywords. Keywords or key phrases are the words which will guide clients to your site and eventually your clinic. You should research more on the best and the unique keywords for dentist clinics, then use them on your website design.

Use of the right words will put your dental beauty clinic among the top on search engine result pages and this will increase traffic to your site. You may be tempted to stuff the site with keywords, but don’t fall into the trap. Search engines will lower your rank.

  1. Responsive website

A responsive website resizes depending on the size of the device used to access the site. Clients, you included, are put off when trying to access a non-responsive website on your phone or tablet. Change this on your site to keep clients there for long.

  1. Use good quality content

First get good graphical images then have high quality content with direct information about your services. People do not like to go through an entire page to get the point implied. Find creative ways of presenting more with less.

  1. High speed loading

You definitely dread slow loading websites. Don’t put your clients through this if you want to keep them on your site. Ensure that your web designer has the best technology and software to keep your website’s loading speeds high always.

  1. User friendliness

Finally, your website should be easy to navigate. Complicated interfaces keep clients off and you should avoid complexity.

In conclusion, these SEO strategies will increase your ranking on search engines as they are used by the same engines to rank your site. Low bounce rates result in higher traffic.

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