Would you like to increase your ROI by selling your services online? How do you want your website to look like? Who will design your website? What should be on the website? Which additional information is necessary for a dental clinic website?

Once you have decided to expand your business by expanding your reach to the online market, you will have to create a website that puts you at a competitive advantage over your competitors. To get there, your website should have the following elements:

  1. Contact information

Potential and existing clients and patients should reach you from their homes to book appointments or make enquiries about your services. One of the main reasons why some websites are ranked poorly by search engines is because they have a high bounce rate as a result of miscommunication.

The miscommunication results from having a phone number that isn’t reachable or when there is no contact information listed on the ‘Contact Us’ page. Your website will feel more legitimate when there is a working phone number, email address, or physical address.

  1. The ‘About Us’ page

Patients and clients in need of dental beauty services always look at the ‘About Us’ page to learn more about your business. An introduction of your services, the years of experience in the service area, and the differentiating factor of your business will help in winning more clients or chasing them away. It is also important that you personalize the information in a professional, but warm manner.

  1. Navigation and responsiveness

A website for a dental clinic, restorative or cosmetic, should be easy to navigate. How easy is it to check all the services offered and how do you get the information about the services. It should be easy to scroll through the pages and to get to the different tabs easily.

Responsiveness refers to how the website resizes depending on the device one is accessing the information with. The website’s design should be set in a manner that all the tabs and the information in different parts of the page will be accessible on one screen regardless of the size. This is a design and also a SEO strategy that determines the ranking of your website on search engines.

  1. Use of great content

A good website design has great and highly readable content. Search engines consider the content when ranking websites. The importance of SEO for dentists is emphasized across the marketing scene meaning that the web designer should incorporate good content, a SEO strategy to increase your ranking.

  1. Appropriate use of keywords

A good website design incorporates keywords appropriately. Keyword stuffing lowers your ranking on SERPs. A good website design has keywords on the page titles, the headers, and the links.

  1. Clean codes

Good mark-ups are likes by search engines. As a dental clinic website, there should be clean codes with only one H1 tag and appropriate use of other header tags, semantically correct tags, no broken links, and fast loading speeds.

  1. Utilization Google tools

To have a strong online presence, your website designer should make use of Google tools for search engine optimization. Incorporate tools like Google Analytics, Google Keywords Suggestion Tool, or Google Webmaster Tools. These will help in ranking your website highly.

Bonus website design elements:

  • ALT Tags and Meta Tags
  • Good link structuring
  • Sitemaps

In conclusion, by following these tips and having these items correctly used during your website design, your online presence will grow faster because the site will be ranked highly on search engines. The importance of the SEO and web design strategies listed above lead to higher ranking, more traffic to your site and increased ROI.

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