One of the biggest challenges, faced by the entrepreneurs today, is tracking the conversion of digital promotion to store visit. Since the inception of digital marketing as a specialty, SEO experts and digital marketers have strived to find new opportunities to perfectly understand the flow of successful store visits that generate from online promotion. The major challenge that marketers face here is that most SMBs or entrepreneurs don’t have the funds to invest in paid ads. Therefore, it becomes difficult to find out the ROI their marketing effort is producing.

So, how do you figure out whether or not your local SEO and marketing efforts are reaping benefits at all? The lack of spot-on results and numbers can make the efficacy of the marketers doubtful. Whatever data you can gain about the conversion is restricted solely to stats offered by platforms such as:

  •  GMB (Google My Business)
  •  Bing Places
  •  Yext
  •  Moz Local

For local search marketers, the actual goal is to increase the search engine visibility of the clients as brick-and-mortar stores and local services by ensuring a perfect local SEO through a variety of potential techniques.

Impact of digital marketing on local SEO

It is less likely that marketers are able to figure out the impact of their digital campaigns and its returns based on in-store conversions. However, this scenario seems to change lately with an example of Yext recently announcing an association with Uber, which is expected to break the brick-wall in ‘digital to store’ conversion, which has existed for long.

As per SEO experts predication, this partnership is expected to draw out an innovative method of tracking the real worth of in-store traffic through local SEO. It is also expected to make analytics work in the right way.

The Yext to Uber tool

Yext and Uber entered into this unique strategic partnership which is aimed to bring two service providers closer to capitalize on a single idea, which is ‘getting the customers to where they want to go’. This mechanism works in an innovative way, and it is presented below:

  • To identify the scope of potential business, Yext will make certain that the business is showing up at all local directory search sites. This way, the business can benefit from all inbound marketing opportunities. On the other hand, Uber is there to ensure that when a location is identified, the user that made the search gets a ride.
  • The Yext announcement will let the customers raise a request directly on the business’s website through a number of online marketing contact points including email or SMS. Furthermore, it also offers the Yext customers an opportunity of delivering in-app branding along with user-based customization to provide a largely localized experience to the users.

Its impact on local SEO

As mentioned above, we can see that Yext is now paving way to a ‘digital to brick-and-mortar store’ technology, which is only the first step in what can be an explosion in the local digital strategies in future. All high-end corporate are already indulged in intensive research to tap its potential to bring in a revolution in local SEO.

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