“I want more traffic” — we get to hear this way too often while dealing with website owners and online sellers. We won’t say their demand is unreasonable; we are merely trying to hint that their approach towards the “traffic problem” might not yield favorable result. And here’s why.

The Thing That’s Wrong with Websites Today

This trend is taking its baby steps, and yet it has had a huge effect on website traffic. Most websites are focusing on bottom of the funnel content while completely overlooking the top of the funnel content. For understanding this conflict, you will first need to understand the concept of a sales and marketing funnel.

Thestructure of a sales funnel is quite similar to the kind of funnels we see in the kitchen or at the workshop. They hold a larger quantity on top and allow a little bit to trickle through the bottom nozzle. Very similarly, a sales and marketing nozzle uses high-volume keywords and promotional posts at the top to create brand awareness and attract a mass of interested viewers.


A sales funnel gives your viewers and potential customers a direction towards a secure purchase. The aim of a sales and marketing funnel is to successfully convert a fraction of the initial viewers into customers by the time they reach the bottom end of the funnel. The magic marketing funnel should be made of all the stages that urge your would-be buyers to move on from the “awareness” stage to the post-buying “evangelism” stage effectively.

Why Is The Funnel Approach Being Overlooked Today?

More often than not, we get to hear, “We won’t make the cut with such general topics and high-volume keywords”. For our new friends here, let us clarify what we mean by “high-volume keywords”. These are words and/or phrases that are most often searched for on a search engine like Google. For example, cat video is one of the all-time high-volume keywords this month followed by Iguana vs. Snake.

Most of our clients like to go with low-volume keywords. While that is definitely a safer option since you will not be crowded by a lot of competition, you will also be losing out on a number of rewarding opportunities. Firstly, since lesser number of people are searching by those keywords, you will definitely have lower traffic. It might be cost-effective for a couple of days, but you will have to wait for quite a while before you can secure some quality backlinks for your chosen keywords. So we’d rather suggest someone with such high levels of skepticism to go for low volume keywords alongside high volume ones seamless in your content.

Keep Yourself Trending

Make use of the recent events in and around the web to attract traffic. Look for the most debated and discussed topics on the internet forums, do some research on what most people are searching for this week. As you must already know by now, the search trend has been evolving with the varying need of people. From Grumpy Cat to Hillary vs. Trump, Google has seen the rise and fall of legendary high volume keywords over the last few months.

Smart websites simply tap into the latest trends. For example, mannequin challenge is the new thing that’s taking the internet by storm. It is like twerking but only stationary. So if you  have a health and fitness website or a similar blogging site, do not miss out on this opportunity to include a few lines about the craziest internet trend that started only a couple of weeks ago!

Don’t Confuse SEO with Paid Searches

Search engine optimization generates organic traffic. In other words, it is free. PPC or pay per click ads are definitely not free and you can see the PPC ads on the left sidebar of the search result page and on top of the organic results. ­The position of your website on the SRLs or the search result lists depends on the level of optimization of your website. A broader topic catering to the upper section of the sales and marketing funnel is definitely helpful for SEO. If you are a bottom-of-the-funnel-person, you are keeping your website from exploring its full potential. The conversion of a viewer to a customer should be a journey and a decision making process rather than a compulsion.


Widen the Scope of Your Website

Since you are here already, it is safe to assume that you are a part of SEM or Search Engine Marketing. SEM has a number of unique aspects that include lead generation. But you cannot make lead generation your sole aim. Just focusing on lead generation will cause you to miss out on a huge market with newer prospects. You should remember the following factors before focusing on lead-gen:

  • Your website should support your SEO strategy
  • Your site should also support all your business goals
  • Your website should help prospective buyers through their entire journey including industry overviews and buyers’ guides.
  • Your customers should be your first priority. Align your website with customer needs

Design a Website for Customers, Not Sales Team Quotas

The very purpose of search engines is to guide prospective customers to your websites. Your website should be the storehouse of relevant and useful information that will help visitors to move through the research and buying process. Web content should primarily raise awareness rather than generate leads. For example, many websites have demos and discount offers in exchange of customer registration. But this really doesn’t work all the time with all visitors. There are people who are not willing to divulge personal contact information or get into a lengthy chat with your customer service agent. In these cases, if you focus solely on lead generation, you will definitely lose the opportunity to provide information to increase awareness about your brand among the top of the funnel visitors.

All in all, all website owners and moderators need to remember a few pointers to make their space among the top ranked SRLs.

  • Take a chance with high-volume keywords
  • Build a working sales and marketing tunnel
  • Keep yourself abreast with trending search-words
  • Boost your SEO along with PPC
  • Widen the scope of your website
  • Build a customer friendly website that will automatically increase the conversion rate

These are a few of the very simple key points that every online entrepreneur has to remember to stay in the good books of SEO. But then again, there is no ONE proven formula for successful SEO and you can always feel free to experiment and explore.

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