As digital marketing platforms present small businesses with numerous and relatively cheaper avenues to market themselves and their products, most are yet to take up the challenge. It is time consuming. In like manner, the businesses do not take to the conventional print media marketing because it is usually expensive compared to their minimal revenue.

However, there is a way the small businesses can leverage on the prospects of digital marketing led by a good strategy. Some tips to approach digital marketing include:

  1. Capitalize on the power of social media

Social media has great potential out of its structure of social networks with an expansive web of social links where you can launch and easily grow your brand. A well packaged brand will trigger a viral spread over the links as well as create traffic to your company website if it integrates your social profile.

Social media has also been found to create a higher conversion rate than even e-mails and tradeshows. Thus by leveraging on this platform, you stand the chance of generating more sales and product growth. You only need to choose one social platform e.g. Facebook, through which more of your customers and industry leaders engage in, and fully commit your efforts to building your links and presence.

  • CASE – Facebook allows you to interact with your customers by commenting and liking their comments, building a strong bond and growing loyalty to your business. You can also engage in Facebook advertising where you can target the customers at specific times and with specific ads that will appeal to them.71% of online adults use Facebook, so it is that popular.
  1. Blogging

By blogging, you provide your potential customers with informative and non-sale content, or promote a cause. You can also paint an image of your expertise on a particular field in the minds of your audience. Popular blogs also attract some entities that wish to place adverts on the blogging site if it has a huge following, which brings extra revenue.

Blogging also impacts your SEO in that search engines like Google, Bing, etc., view your website, which hosts the blog, as adding new content which is a good outcome. This enhances your ranking on search engines and inturn draws traffic to your blog and website too.

You can also contribute to other authors’ blogs (Guest Blogging) and link back to your blog or website, and thus also draw traffic from the author’s blog and website.

  1. E-mail marketing and reminders

E-mails also provide a great avenue for marketing, especially if integrated to your other marketing campaigns e.g. Facebook marketing campaigns. Even in such a social media platform, there are customers who would prefer personalized interaction with your business, and so will interact through the e-mail provided.

E-mails are also great for supporting your other marketing campaigns in that you are able to send reminders, especially when you are running a time-bound campaign, or sending supporting information.

  1. Pay-per-click advertising (Google Adwords, Bing PPC)

PPC is a better digital marketing approach for small businesses as it allows you to be more targeted depending on the target audience’s location, age, gender, profession, etc., and even be more controlling of how your money is being spent on this platform.

In addition, this platform incorporates monitoring tools through which you can evaluate the conversion rate and leads that you are creating, so that you are able to know how effective the approach is or if you are just wasting your hard earned money on irrelevant clicks.

PPC is simple and generates traffic almost instantaneously. In addition, you get to pay depending on the campaign strategy and intensity that you prefer, so you are able to get a PPC plan that will suit your budget. There are many SEO Chicago based agencies that can help you in this.

Its advantages include:

  • Fast advertising – some PPC plans, e.g. Google AdWords, start generating your targeted traffic immediately after you have opened a PPC account, and you start reaping the benefits.
  • Nimble advertising – whereas some digital marketing platforms get scrambled and lag behind in an instance of change in the audience’s behavior, PPC campaigns are adjustable to adapt to the market conditions.
  • Get a bargain – with PPC, the keyword niches can vary such that you are able to get a plan that fits your budget, and it would generate traffic at a fraction of the costs associated with other paid advertising approaches.
  1. Webinars

Although many people view webinars as an outdated marketing approach, it is one of the approaches that if well done can really drive up the conversions. You just need to be very keen in the various stages involved, which are:

  • Establishing a catchy webinar topic
  • Get experts in this to develop the content and presentation
  • The “Register” Landing Page is critical and so you need to develop it with excellence
  • Build (&test) the “Offering” Landing Page
  • Tailor your social marketing to integrate the webinar in for more reach
  • Always end an e-mail with an invite.It gives your audience the option to join and so they are comfortable and don’t feel forced
  • Prepare your guests with an overview or walkthrough of what the webinar covers.
  • If your webinar registration has a time frame, it is always good to send
    “Last Chance” registration reminder e-mails.You might just get that last minute customers
  • Host your webinar so that it is henceforth accessible online
  • Build the “Watch the Recording” Landing Page
  • Convert the “Register” Landing Page to a “Get The Webinar Recording” Page
  • Webinars can easily boost conversions by up to 70%, due to the fact that they are able to capture the interest of the customers over a period of time and convince them to make the commitment.

Online marketing platforms cannot be exhausted. However, you cannot downplay the importance and the potential that these platforms present to any business entity, whether a large corporate, a small or medium sized business or a startup. In comparison to the conventional marketing approaches, digital marketing is in all aspects and no wonder there is an exponential growth in this field, and new approaches keep on coming up.

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