In today’s digital world, marketers have a wide range of marketing platforms and channels to choose from to promote or advertise their products, services and brand. These channels are not limited to time, geographical location or resources and so the flexibility and convenience is guaranteed.

However, the marketing strategy of the traditional and conventional marketing channels totally differs from that required for a successful digital marketing campaign. This means that the strategies of the conventional marketing methods it cannot apply or be used, thus there is need to develop a proper marketing strategy for each and every digital marketing approach taken.

As much as there are no sure formulas that that you can use to guarantee the creation of a most solid marketing strategy and for an integrated marketing campaign, there are some pointers or steps that you can follow to ensure you get a marketing campaign that at-least guarantees some level of success in getting viewership and drawing in traffic.

These steps are;

  • Define your target market

It is paramount that you take time to keenly define the market niche that you wish to work towards serving, both demographically and population statistic (attitudes, interests and behaviors, as it would be unwise to go blindly to the market with the idea of ser4ving anyone who comes along. Thus you must be strategic on your market niche as this will enable you to customize your products and services you are offering to satisfy that market.

The market niche that you define and target to will in-turn determine the digital marketing strategy to be used, because the strategy must be focused on its intended audience.  This will help you know the best message to reach them.

  • Develop your message

Now that the target market is known, you now need to build the message that you wish to communicate to your market. The message must me formulated in a way that it appeals to the target audience and meets their needs.

Today’s audience is keep to engage where their needs are met and they feel a connection with the product experience and the entity behind the product, rather than the product itself. Thus your message must ensure it creates an experience, interaction and satisfaction.

  • Pick your channels. 

You need to be very keen in selecting the channel that you will use for the marketing campaign. You must select a channel which has many users in the target market identified, industry leaders and other authorities.

This is important because with the large number of users, your message will reach more people and draw their interest to your products and brand if well communicated. The users, on a social platform, are also able to share their experience of your product with other users through social networks, and hence boost your reach exponentially.

Digital platforms give you the flexibility to try out various channels so and make a sober decision in choosing a channel that suits your need, and one that helps you achieve the desired outcome.

  • Be consistent

The key to succeeding in any marketing campaign is consistency. You must therefore always to maintain consistency in what you are communicating, how you are communicating it, the audience you are communicating to and the outcomes that you aim to achieve.  Consistency will build a resonating message in the audience’s minds and help develop a following and conversion.

The consistency goes a long way past the message to even the way the message is formed, and its accompanying details like your logo, font style and size, colours, graphics and even the style of photography, etc. This must be maintained across all marketing channels used. E.g. the message must be the same on your website, on a blog or social media platform.

  • Integrate your messaging

Ensure that throughout the marketing campaign, the goal of the campaign must be maintained at all time. The goal, maybe to draw traffic or other targets, must be the focus at all-time whether it is on your website- for purchases and reservations, etc., or on social media platforms- creating an interaction or engagement.

  • Track your campaigns

An important aspect of any marketing campaign is evaluation to know whether the campaign is achieving its set goals and targets. This helps you to determine whether the marketing campaign is giving you value for the investment that has been made into it, and know whether it needs to be tweaked, enhance it or stopped altogether.

Almost all digital marketing channels have incorporated analytical capabilities, and others have complimentary analytics modules or apps, that automate the evaluation and analysis process. This makes it easy to instantly get the campaign data and be able to make decisions quickly. This maskingof the complexities of the analysis means that you do not need so much skill to do the task.

  • Ensure your marketing teams/agencies are in sync

Many organizations do have various departments, teams or agencies that work together or interchangeably on the same or different marketing campaigns. This in most cases create a challenge for organizations in that with different teams and the need to maintain consistency and uniformity of the message communicated, the consistency may get lost or a distortion occurs.

Your biggest task after the launch of the campaign, second to evaluation, is how to keep the teams, individuals and departments on one page, communicating the same thing and achieving a common target. This is not easy, and sharp decision and management skills are required, lest you lose the essence of the campaign.

As much as developing a digital marketing campaign may seem easy with these simple steps, there goes into it a lot more that this and the undertaking is overwhelming, and if not well handled, can eat up your business’ budget, resources and time.

For many organizations and businesses entities, outsourcing this exercise may actually be the preferred course, and it could be the option for you, so that you free yourself to handle your core business activities. There are many Chicago SEO agencies that also offer marketing campaign strategies at a fee, which you can engage for your campaign.

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