Saving time and money is very important to gain a competitive edge in the business of SEO. To put it simply, it means that SEO tasks have to be performed efficiently. To make it happen, you have to turn to plug-ins or extensions available in Chrome. The extensions are powerful tools that help to automate the SEO tasks you have been doing manually. Many of these extensions are available for free and can be downloaded for your use. Just have a look at your SEO process and figure out the manual work elements.

Pick out those manual tasks which are repetitive in nature, and tend to consume most of your time. Then have a look at the free extensions that you can use to substitute the manual work. Applying the extensions rightly would help you save considerable time, and will also increase your efficiency dramatically. You would turn out to be a better performer, adding more value to your work. The extensions can be used for varied tasks – from content analysis and link checking to taking quick screen shots.  Some of the most popular free extensions have been discussed in this post.

Extension for Word Count

Counting words on a webpage is a tedious and time consuming task that cannot be avoided during SEO audit. In fact, it is a critical parameter for the audit and has to be done accurately. This task can be now performed speedily by using the Word Count extension. It helps to get a high level overview of specified web pages. When you download Word Count extension an option is added to the right click menu or context menu. Select a section of the content and see how the word count flashes on the screen. It’s as easy as that! 

Check my Links

The name of the extension clearly reveals its function. Check my Links extension makes on-page link checking a breeze. You can just click your way through to know the total number of links on a page. In addition, you will also come to know about links that are malfunctioning and even those that return 404 errors. The best thing about this tool is its ability to identify broken links. Broken links on your website as well as other websites are easily identified with the help of this extension.

If you are using the broken link building tactic in SEO, this tool can assist you greatly. You will be able to identify pages with no existing resources with this extension. This helps you to set right the broken link by creating a new resource to build the link once again. The threat of broken links is minimized in the process.

Extension for Screenshot and Screencast – Nimbus

Capturing and annotating Screenshots have become very easy with this tool that has been created for Screenshots and Screencasts. When you share SEO reports with your clients, you know how important screenshots can be. By annotating screen shots, it becomes easy to drive home a point that is explained with ease. Clients can be convinced about your point as they can see it for themselves. Nimbus allows the use of text and arrows together with image blurring feature that empowers you to make emphatic presentations. Nimbus stands out from other similar tools in creating full page screenshots that is very useful for SEO tasks.

Creating videos from the browser without using a webinar session or webcam is a remarkable feature of Nimbus. This feature can be used to demonstrate some SEO concepts vividly to clients, making it easy to understand. For your presentation, you can create videos for SEO concepts and tactics, and incorporate it in the slides.

User Agent Switcher

During troubleshooting, you would like to see varied views of your website on different devices and browsers. This facilitates detection of SEO errors that are not normally visible. This task can be conveniently done by using the User Agent Switcher extension for Google Chrome.

Suppose you have an SEO issue exclusively on mobile devices. You might then like to see how the same appears on the desktop.  User Agent Switcher allows you to switch over from your desktop to the mobile user agent. Then you can take a full page screenshot using Nimbus and view it on desktop.

It may also happen that you want to compare Google rankings as it appears on mobile devices and desktop. The extension allows you to perform the task from the desktop without the need of handling the mobile devices manually. Everything is done from the desktop only.

Open Multiple URLs

Workflow smoothening is the biggest advantage of using the Open Multiple URLs extension. You know how desperately you want to speed up the process of link remediation by referring to hundreds of URLs. This tool is a novelty for SEO work when it is required to open several URLs simultaneously. Open the extension and load the tabs with URLs. Then start flipping through the windows speedily by using the keyboard short cuts.

There are certain precautions that you have to take in using the extension.

  • Make sure that when opening the extension, check the option – load URL only when the tab loads. This would camouflage the IP address from being viewed by the hosts. This is necessary because some hosts consider multiple URL opening from one IP address as spammy activity.
  • The other step to be taken is to use a customized proxy machine to avoid being detected by spammy networks.

If you find it difficult to do it on your own, take help from someone who can do it for you. But never compromise on it. You might be banned from the websites of certain hosts that can prove very costly for you.

By this time you must have realized the utility of extensions, and might want to use some more.  Identify the manual tasks that can be substituted by extensions and look for extensions on the web.  If you do not find anything suitable, get one developed for you. Talk to a programmer who can convert your need into a new extension.

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