Are you having problems with the frequency of visits to your website? You might be doing a lot of things and putting in a lot of effort but you could still experience poor results. Why? Chances are that you are either doing something wrong, or you are completely forgetting to do something.

Still not using SEO?

It is of out most importance that you optimize your website for search engines, if you are planning any kind of serious work over the internet. Why? Because it is the most efficient way to gain higher internet ratings and better popularity in search results. You can do a lot of things, but unless you use SEO services, you might struggle to get any attention at all. Advertising is fine, but let’s face it, most people will use Google (or some other search engines)when they want to buy something or when they need something done. If your website does not pop up in the first few pages of their search result, chances of them coming to your page are way too slim. How can you solve this problem? Easy enough, hire a SEO company to optimize your webpage which will give it a higher rating and eventually more visitors.

Using the wrong SEO Company?

This unfortunately also happens to some people. They have made everything right, they have even hired a SEO company, but they still do not have desired results. Why? Chances are the company they have hired is to blame. Sometimes you just have to wait for results as Search Engine Optimization takes some time in order to get the benefits from it, but some people never got good results. This can happen because of the techniques their SEO Company is using. We are talking about the Black Hat SEO.

What is Black Hat SEO? In short, it refers to the exploiting of the way Search Engines work in order to get higher internet rating. Some companies bombard search engines with low quality links in order to temporarily gain a good internet rating. The thing is that Search Engines have algorithms which can detect Black Hat SEO and completely remove the website that was „optimized“ in this way. People hiring companies which utilize the Black Hat SEO usually end up paying a bit less money, but they pay for nothing. For the worse, actually, since their website had at least some form of rating before they have tried to optimize their website. Now, it is not even incorporated in the search results.

Diagnose Black Hat SEO

How can you know if your company uses Black Hat SEO? Look at their policy – do they specifically state that they are using White Hat SEO? If not, they are maybe trying to avoid the subject. Are they cheaper than some other professional SEO companies? If they are, chances are they are not what you were looking for.Search Engine Optimization is a delicate and demanding process, and it cannot be done easily. Anyone claiming that they can do it for some really small amount of money are probably doing it wrong.

Another thing you can do in order to investigate if your company is using Black Hat SEO is to see statistics. You might be the victim of it if your website suddenly became very popular in search results and then again after some time it suddenly vanished from the search results. This is a classic example of Black Hat SEO. So how can you improve the optimization of your website? Look for Zoiden – a professional SEO company which will help you gain better rating. Contact us and you will see why we are the best!

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