If you think that you are pretty good at putting words to paper, that may be true and may not be. Often times we are biased about how good we really are at something. Some people think they can sing, when it is clear to the rest of the hearing population that they can’t.

Regardless if you are a winner or not, unless you know how to write content, you may want to leave the writing of your website to professionals.

It isn’t just in what you are saying
There was a time when the internet was about giving people information, voicing your opinion, or just being creative. Those days are well behind us. Some of us long for the days when the quality of what we read on the internet was real.

It is no surprise that when you search for a topic you read the same thing on 10 different websites. Most often there is one original article and ten rewrites of that same one.

Quality content on the internet is hard to come by.

Why is it that there seems to be nothing new under the sun? The reason is that most of the content on the internet has nothing to do with facts, or information, it is all about the words that are on paper and the way they are structured. You would be shocked to see how pages are laid out.

There are the rules about how many words, where they are placed, and how they are phrased. It is not about the writing, it is about the outline to flag search engines through content. For some, it doesn’t even matter if what they are writing is real, or honest, as long as it drives traffic in one way or another.

Words have become nothing more than street signs

Each word that you read isn’t really about the meaning of it, but rather the way that it drives people from one site to another. It can disillusion you when you realize that what you are reading is sometimes nothing short of manipulation.

In a writer’s defense, it isn’t that we want it that way, it is just that we want to be read. If you don’t have the right words, in the right placement, mentioned the right number of times, you may as well be writing in a vacuum. No one is ever going to find it on the internet to read it.

Even if you are expert enough at writing to create content for your website or business blog, if you don’t play by the rules, you aren’t ever going to be seen.

Content is something that is way more complex than just good writing. In fact, good writing has nothing to do with it. Instead of worrying about the quality of your writing, sometimes you have to be concerned with the number of people who will even see it. To get your business page seen, you have to consider having someone who knows SEO content write it. They understand how search engines work and how to rank your site higher.

If you want to have a professional SEO company handle your website content to maximize traffic flow to it, contact Zoiden. They are experts in internet marketing and understand the complexity of how content can effect your bottom line.

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