There was a time when you had to have a professional not only design, but manage your blog. Over the evolution of the internet, hosting sites have allowed people everywhere to not only create and design their own blogging pages, but to post and maintain them as well.

With so many different blogging sites to choose from, how do you know which one is best?

There is a supreme difference between the various blogging sites. All you have to do is look at some to know that they won’t represent your business the way that you want.

Some look archaic, while others look remedial. Answering the call for more professional pages, with more options for templates and ease of use, came WordPress. WordPress has allowed millions of businesses to be a major player in their own marketing and advertising.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open and free blogging and content management system which is based on MySQL and P

HP that runs within a web hosting service.

Boasting over 60 million plus websites to date, it is the forum that is preferred buy over 22% of the top businesses around the world. Updated over several times since its inception, WordPress has been extremely responsive to their clients, as well as the internet hosting and blogging industry.

There are several things that make WordPress stand out against its competitors.

There are specific reasons why WordPress has gained in popularity since it was introduced over a decade ago. It has four components that set it apart from other blogging and hosting sites.

Due to the use of navigation, WordPress allows the individual to create professional blogs that have leveled the playing field from those who spend a lot, to those who don’t.

The best part about WordPress?

It is free for use. There are different levels of membership, and extras which will cost money, but to use the site you needn’t pay a dime.

What are the four ways in which WordPress excels?

For the first time bloggers are able to switch between different themes. We all know what it is like to create a webpage and then want to change the theme. Normally you can’t with other hosting sites. Once the theme is set, you have to redo the site to alter it. That can be frustrating for many creators.

When you want to give your website an updated look, you have to completely redo it. That is no longer the case. You can change themes on WordPress without disturbing the site, or the content of it. Most of the themes are free, others may have a slight fee attached.

The plugin architecture of WordPress allows users to go beyond the basic installation. Over 30,000 Plugins are available. Each of them has their own function and features that provides users the tools to create their website the way they want.

The plugin tools range from client portals to SEO enhancements, widgets, navigation bars, content display features, and the ability to view private messages and information once logged in.

Multi-blogging and multi-user
Thanks to the upgrade on WordPress 3.0 you can now have multiple copies of your blog that stream across various directories, which allows them to use more than one database table. That means you can have multiple blogs that operate within the centralized maintainer. You can separate blogging communities and host separate blogs through the same channels.

Supported by the major mobile players Android, WebOS, iOS, Blackberry and Windows, you have unlimited access and options to do the major operations for your blog. You can add comments, post, and add new pages all from the convenience of your mobile device.

WordPress has made it easy for businesses to create and maintain their own professional looking webpages and blog sites. Since webpages are only part of the needed marketing tools online, hiring a online marketing company to help you with an all encompassing campaign is more than beneficial to your company. Zoiden is an SEO company that knows how to drive consumers to your webpage and blog. After all, it makes no difference how professional it looks if no one ever sees it.

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