The key to building a successful business, or maintaining one, is constantly making yourself relevant. Our society has become about instant gratification and desensitization. We, as consumers, view so many images on a continual basis, that we are able to block most of them out.

For necessity reasons, our psyche’s cannot acknowledge all the incoming messages that we see around us, but that does not mean that they don’t have an effect. The internet is the perfect venue to target the consumer with images that create branding and familiarity.

There is a fine balance that has to be struck between a constant stream of consciousness and inundation. For marketing purposes you want to reach the consumer, but you don’t want to overreach.

Is email on the way out?

Do you remember when you were little and you would race to the mailbox to see what was in it?

Rarely would there be anything exciting contained within, but that promise of possibility, was enough to keep you intrigued. Perhaps you still feel that way.

Although as adults the only thing we normally find is a barrage of bills, there is occasionally that piece of mail that is either interesting, or adds value to our day.

The same has become true of our email inbox. Opening our email has become like getting our daily mail. There are things that are purely for business purposes, junk mail, and notes from friends and family.

Most of us like to strike up a hot cup of coffee, open up our email, and see what the potential of the day may be.

There is a reason why you open up your email sometimes to find exactly what it is that you were looking for. If you were shopping for a washer/dryer, or a power tool, and coincidentally low and behold there is a coupon in your inbox the next morning, it is anything but coincidence.

Email marketing and promotions are the reason that you get just what you need, when you need it. The internet is tracking everything you do, as are retailers. When you do a search for something, or shop online, it knows what you are looking for. It is also tracking whether you found it and what it might take to get you to purchase it from a specific retail store. Every click is recorded, analyzed, and responded to.

So, is email marketing and promotion for you?

Email is a very effective tool for your marketing.

Supplying people with what they consider value, like a coupon, or special offer, is very effective at swaying their consumer purchase toward you the retailer, or toward your service. There are some that believe that email is on the way out, or will soon be obsolete.

I am sure there were people who said that about the pony express, but how right were they?

Email marketing is an excellent way to put yourself at an advantage against your competitor. The cost of it is minimal, yet the benefit can be pretty substantial. Being able to target people who are looking for what you are selling is half, if not all, the battle of marketing. Email promotions are a way to send a personal message to the consumer that gives them exactly what they are looking for.

Coupons, special promotions, or information are all things that you can base your email marketing around.

But just like no one likes to open their mailbox to a slew of junk mail, potential customers don’t want to open their inbox and find worthless marketing information. There is the potential of too much of a good thing. Using email to market has to be done without irritation.

If you overdue it, or send too many messages, you run the risk of annoying the consumer and leaving a bad taste in their mouth. If you are looking for the right professional to help you strike a healthy email marketing and promotional balance, contact Zoiden. They know how to entice, without putting off, your potential customers with a fine balance between useful emails, and well, just junk.

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