If you are looking for a way to get your website ranked number one on a search engine you may be finding that it isn’t as simple as you had hoped. The world of search engine optimization, or SEO, is very complex.

That is why there are professionals who specialize in it. If your website is experiencing lackluster traffic, it is a catch 22. To get more traffic you have to increase traffic.

If the whole thing sounds exhausting there is good reason. You literally can make an entire business out of trying to figure the whole thing out. That is what SEO companies do.

What are backlinks and how do they work?

The good news is that to drive traffic to your website there are many tools at your disposal. A good SEO company will know all the venues that are available to gain you the exposure you need. The best marketing campaign will consist of using all tools available in a coherent structure. Backlinks are only part of the equation, but a highly relevant one.

When you think of the internet it is best to think of it in terms of a “web”.

Hence why it is called the world wide web.

Online everything touches everything else. Seven degrees of separation is more like two when you are dealing in cyberspace. All the things that you do, some intentional, and others completely unintentional, are stored and create pathways on the internet.

When you do an engine search, or go to any webpage, you put your personal stamp on it. Every machine that you use on the internet has its own specific IP address. That is the stamp that it leaves on any page you view. Like a trail of bread crumbs, your IP address creates an overview of all things that you do. If you never considered that what you do is tracked, you never much considered how the internet works.

Backlinks are the ways in which you are able to leave your personal “stamp”on something.

What is the reason you would want to do that?

Once you have put your ID onto a page, you are now connected to it. Everything that is contained on that page is now relevant to you. Once the connection is made, it is picked up by the search engine as relevant.

There are many ways that SEO companies are able to use backlinks to create relevance for search engines. Once you gain a connection, that strengthens your relevance to key words and key phrases contained within the page that you are linked to.

What are the best way to use backlinks?

The best way to use backlinks is to know how to use them at all. If you go around needlessly creating links between pages and your webpage, it can do your ranking more harm than good.

SEO companies will know how to create the right links to drive your ranking higher and how to avoid links that can penalize you. Search engines are highly complex and sophisticated programs. To beat them at their own game, you have to know the rules.

The key to getting the best ranking is to find SEO companies that are smart enough to outsmart the best of the best. If you are looking for an SEO company with the expertise to use tools such as backlinks to rank your website number one, call Zoiden. They are at the top of their industry with good reason.

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