There is nothing worse than when someone pretends to like you, but they really don’t. The damage that can be done with a fake like in a personal situation is the same that can be done with a social media site.

A fake like is like someone talking behind your back.

It seems like they are your best friend, but then when you aren’t looking they ruin your reputation. That is what purchasing a fake like from a bad source can do for your company’s ranking on the internet.

If you think that buying likes is all the same, you are dead wrong. There are such things as likes that you buy that will help, and those that will do harm.

What is the difference between buying good social media publicity and bad?

Anytime you buy something for a social media site like a follower, a hit, or a like, it is connected to something.

Like friendship, you are friends with everyone they are friends with. Guilt by association is always something your parents warned you about, the same applies on internet sites.

If you are aligned with those connections that strike red flags with a search engine, you can be put on the naughty list. Once there, you can easily find yourself on page 13 of any internet search. A SEO company can help you avoid being yesterday’s news.

What is the best way to buy likes, followers and hits?

It kind of feels like cheating, no?

You can’t buy your friends without it feeling wrong, and likes are the same way. You feel as if somehow you should earn them. News flash, the internet is not real. There is no way to compare what goes on in cyberspace to what goes on in your personal social circles.

Likes, followers and hits aren’t real. If you think they are, you are sorely mistaken.

They have become a tool, not a real thumbs up from the public at large. So buying them isn’t really cheating, it is no different then paying for any advertising space.

Is it unethical?

Not anymore than paying for a promotional email, or buying a pop up ad. On the internet, the phrase “buyer beware”is alive and well. It is only cheating if you get caught, that is where a SEO company can help.

The best way to buy likes, followers and hits is through a SEO company that you know is following the rules, or at least adhering to them in ways that aren’t flagging the search engines. Search engines are continually catching the fakes and flagging them.

Like a bad batch at the supermarket, once you are flagged, you are like poison. When you buy social media publicity from the wrong seller, you are buying contaminated produce.

Before you buy and social media promotions, make sure to ask:

  • Where the service collects their information
  • Whether they have been flagged, or notified by a social media site
  • If they have had any complaints about their product in the past
  • How they verify that the links they sell aren’t linked to bad channels

It is always best to have a SEO company who is devising a campaign for your company make the final determination about whether purchasing such social media tools are beneficial to your overall plan.

If so, it is best to let them find the right place to buy from.

If you are looking for a SEO company who understands that hanging out with the wrong crowd can tarnish your reputation, call Zoiden. If they deem that buying your social media following is necessary, they will ensure that they do it the correct way. They will ensure it will help, not hurt, your social media ranking.

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