For every action there is a reaction. The same is true in the SEO world. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a way for businesses to maximize their exposure online. When you do a search for a topic, you use words that relate to what you are trying to find. In the SEO industry those are called keyword or key phrases.

In the past, the way to get your page ranked highest was through SEO keyword analysis. It was the way that SEO companies  professionals identified those words that people would naturally use to find your company in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York or other big cities.

Once those keywords or phrases were identified, the key was to use them in the content of webpages so that they were picked up and flagged by search engines. Search engines scour the internet pinpointing words, identifying them, and categorizing them. That is the way they are able to rank pages according to relevance when someone does a search.

A pretty simple concept, but nothing ever stays simple does it?

Rank First With the Help of SEO Company in Los Angeles

Search engines must maintain a certain sense of secrecy about how they do their ranking, and the methodologies they use. They have to do so to maintain their own relevance.

The problem is that once their practices were originally discovered, companies seeking to further the ranking of their clients, got busy trying to outsmart the search engines. That, arguably, was the beginning to the end of relevant content.

In an attempt to drive traffic, and rank higher, content on most webpages is no longer about quality, it has become about density and placement. The online marketing concept of ranking your self on Google has become more then just simple keywords.

Instead of worrying about the quality and usability of the page, it has become more about putting pieces of a puzzle together. Writers are now instructed to input a certain amount of relevant keywords, place them in the appropriate places, use them in titles…the list goes on.

Instead of being concerned that you are providing the consumer with the needed information and creating the right impression, it is about where words fall, and how many times they are used on a page.

If you aren’t in…you are out

If you are someone who still believes that quality is key, you may be finding yourself in a dilemma. Of course you have to play by the rules and get your pages noticed, but you don’t want to sound non sensical, or to appear to not care about how you represent yourself to your clients, or potential ones.

That is why finding an SEO company who knows how to balance quality with the needed elements is so imperative especially for business located in big cities such as Los Angeles.

If you don’t keep up with the times and drive traffic, you are going to be left in the dust.

That is why it is important to continue to respond to your consumers through appropriate content, but to also use all the tools at your disposal. When you devise a campaign that uses all things considered, you can do a better job of maintaining quality content.

Driving potential consumers to your webpage becomes more about using all ways instead of sacrificing just one component, namely, content.

If you are looking for a company who knows how to put the representation of your company first, while not forgetting about how to drive consumers to your website, Zoiden knows how to maintain the perfect balance. They are an SEO company in Los Angeles professionals who understand that, in an attempt to rank higher, you can’t comprise quality or reputation.

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