A lot of people use SEO today. It is really important to have on optimized webpage in order to get the attention needed. There are a lot of companies which offer Search engine optimization services. However, not all of them are doing it the right way. Yes, the search engine optimization can be done the right way but it can also be done the wrong way.

These different ways are termed as the „White Hat“ and the „Black Hat“ SEO, respectively. The difference between them is in the way they try to accomplish their goal – to make their client’s website popular in the results of search queries.

White Hat SEO tries to give your site popularity in the long run by optimizing the page and content with relevant methods. As a result, the site is of good quality. On the other hand, Black Hat SEO gives your site popularity by any means necessary. It employs dirty tactics in order to attract people’s attention. It does so in a low-quality manner, focusing only on the current number of visitors which results in a website that is falsely optimized for the search engines as it does not obey the guidelines of the SEO. Therefore, using Black Hat SEO can produce a lot of negative effects for your website.

Black Hat SEO Consequences

Focusing on negative techniques to make a certain website popular has only temporary good effect. As the time goes by, search engines will decrease the rating for your website and it will fall well below some average point. This will not only make your site less popular, but the effort that was put in earlier was actually for nothing. The resources used to make your website popular did in fact exactly the opposite.

Loosing priority in the Search Engine listing is one thing, but being totally removed from the search results is another and it can also happen. Search Engines have algorithms which calculate the priority of the websites. The thing is that every search engine wants to give the best results, so they develop algorithms whose task is to fight Black Hat SEO. If they „decide“that a certain web page is exploiting the ways to get popular, they might ban it from the search results.

How to Avoid Black Hat SEO?

If you yourself are trying to optimize your webpage, then do it as it is supposed to be done. Provide high-quality content and do not try to gain people’s attention by incorporating some exaggerating keywords into the titles or advertisements which result in visitors exiting your website immediately after they have opened it.

If you want to hire a certain SEO company you should pay attention to their policy. Research a bit, inform yourself and see whether they are using Black Hat SEO tactics. You can contact them also, but they probably won’t tell you that themselves. However, you can try to see whether there is anything suspicious in the way they work or in the way they present themselves.

As a last thing worth mentioning, if you are about to hire a certain SEO company, it is better to look for quality which may result in some higher expenses because, in the end, that is what you want – a popular website, not a banned website. Hire Zoiden to achieve the best results for your website!

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